Student Association for Black Unity (SABU) Black Future Leaders Experience (Black FLEX) Conference Saturday, February 3, 2024

The Black Future Leaders Experience (Black FLEX) Conference is a 100% student-run leadership conference hosted annually by SABU The purpose of Black FLEX is to provide a space for young, thriving black scholars to cultivate the most distinguished versions of themselves. As the black leaders of today, we strive to promote leadership, individuality and self-discovery, in order to better our tomorrow.

This all-day leadership conference is 100% planned and sponsored by the Student Association for Black Unity (S.A.B.U.) at Washington & Lee University. The BlackFLEX Conference is specifically geared towards Black students, but S.A.B.U. invites and welcomes students from all backgrounds and all institutions to attend.


  • Optional Breakfast "Hour": 8-8:45 am (Evans Catering)
  • Opening Address with Remarks from Laura Murambadoro, President of SABU: 9-9:30 am (Stackhouse Theater)
  • First Session – Career Fair: 9:45-10:30 am
  • Second Session – Black Mental Health and Self Advocacy | Financial Wellness and Entrepreneurship: 10:45-11:30 am
  • Keynote and Lunch: 11:45 am-1 pm (Evans Catering, Evans Hall)
  • Third Session – State of the Union: 1:15-2 pm
  • Closing Remarks from Laura Murambadoro, President of SABU: 2:15-2:30 pm
  • Black Ball: 8 pm-12 am


  • Session 1: Industry/Career Fair – 1970s Black Emergence into Corporate America
    This year's Black Flex Conference will start with a free-flowing career fair! In the 1970s, there was an increase in the amount of black people entering the realm of Corporate America in various fields! From Humanities, to STEM, to Finance, to Technology, the Student Association for Black Unity will be providing opportunities for the Black Flex attendees to connect with W&L Alumni and more professionals in each respective field. Students will be able to converse with and build networking skills in this session to be able to continue that trend of entrance into the fields of their choosing, or even to learn more about a field they may consider going into.
  • Session 2: 
    • Black Mental Health, Self Advocacy, and Black Organizational Coexistence – 1960s Civil Rights and Representation
      In the context of Black History, the 1960s were a time when racial pride was emphasized and the creation of political and cultural institutions were created for the purpose of representation and fighting for a seat at the table. With this in mind, join us in this section of Session 2 to hear from our panelists and learn about the importance of the organizations and movements that set the tone for what our present forms of self-advocacy look like and how we have evolved with them over time in every aspect of what this session entails.
    • Financial Wellness and Entrepreneurship – 1840s Black-Owned Businesses and Wealth!
      Did you know the nation's oldest, continuously run, black-owned business, EE Ward Moving and Storage, was created in the 1840s? We're taking it all the way back to the beginnings of Black-owned businesses and wealth generated by black people! Join us here for a conversation with our peers, Julia Seay and Victor Foster, to explore what financial literacy and wellness looks like, as well as entrepreneurship and the responsibilities it entails.
  • Session 3: State of the Union – PRESENT
    After some decade-hopping throughout the conference, we are going to bring it back to what the Black Community looks like now, with all things considered. Everyone will be involved in this session. Members will have an open and transparent discussion/conversation with insights from people of different backgrounds. This is a great opportunity to bring in all of the knowledge learned from the previous sessions and anecdotes to add to this discussion.

Black Ball

This year, the theme for Black Ball is "I Have a Dream!" Closing off our decade-hopping trend, we hit the 1960s famous speech by Martin Luther King Jr. To celebrate the legacy he left, but also the evolution of the Black experience, join us for a night with decorations that cater to "dreamy" imagery, as well as a super cool photo booth, a DJ, and so much more! Everyone is welcome to participate in this, as it is the biggest night of the SABU Programming Calendar! Attire for this event is Black Tie, and will go from 8PM-Midnight in Evans Hall in Lexington!