First-Gen College Graduates

Our support for First-Gen students come from a good place - within our own ranks. There are faculty and staff members within the W&L community who themselves were first generation college student and they are available as a resource and support structure for others. 

First Generation College Graduates

Alexander, Brian

Brian Alexander
Assistant Professor of Politics
Huntley 320

Alty, Lisa

Lisa Alty
John T. Herwick, M.D. Professor of Chemistry

Anderson, Michael

Michael Anderson
Robert E. Sadler, Jr. Professor of Economics and Associate Dean of the Williams School
Huntley 313

Barnett, Jeff

Jeff Barnett
S. Blount Mason Jr. Professor of Spanish
Sabbatical Leave Full Year 2020/2021
Tucker Hall, Room 304

Bowers, Sarah

Sarah Bowers
Compensation Analyst and Employment Manager
2 S Main B05A

Tom Camden
Associate Professor, Head of Special Collections & Archives
James G. Leyburn Library 118
(540) 458-8649

Carr, Brittany

Brittany Carr
Administrative Assistant
Science Addition A330A

Kerri Chapman
Director of Enterprise Systems and Integration Services
Davis Hall 307
(540) 458-8426

Colbert, Cory

Cory Colbert
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Chavis Hall 102

Compton, Chris

Chris Compton
Laboratory Technician II
Howe Hall 215

Desjardins, Steve

Steve Desjardins
Professor of Chemistry
Science Addition A330B

Diette, Timothy

Timothy M. Diette
Senior Advisor to the President for Strategic Analysis
Acting Director of the Shepherd Program for the Interdisciplinary Study of Poverty and Human Capability
Professor of Economics
Washington Hall 205

Finch, Carrie

Carrie Finch-Smith
Professor of Mathematics
Chavis Hall 207

Friend, Kyle

Kyle Friend
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Science Addition A427

Fuentes, Freddy

Freddy Fuentes
Visiting Assistant Professor of English
Payne 309

Futrell, Tamara

Tamara Futrell
Dean for Diversity, Inclusion and Student Engagement
Elrod Commons 243

Garvis, Dennis M.

Dennis M. Garvis
Professor of Business Administration
Huntley 308

Gaylord, Donald

Donald Gaylord
Research Archaeologist and Instructor of Anthropology
Newcomb 204

Goodwin, Kelsey

Kelsey Goodwin
Director of Student Activities
Elrod Commons 254

Hobbs, Megan

Megan Hobbs
Associate Dean of Students, Dean of Sophomores and Dean of Juniors
Elrod Commons 232

I'Anson, Helen

Helen I'Anson
John T. Perry Professor of Biology and Research Science
Howe 405

Irani, Afshad

Afshad Irani
Professor of Accounting and Head of the Accounting & Finance Department
Holekamp 109

Irby, Cindy

Cindy Irby
Assistant Director, Study Abroad Advisor
Center for Global Learning 143
(540) 458-8193

Jan Kaufman
Director of Health Promotion
Elrod Univ Commons 250
(540) 458-4501

Knudson, Julie

Julie Knudson
Director of Academic Technologies
James G. Leyburn Library 115 (Level 1)
(540) 458-8125

LaRiviere, Fred

Fred LaRiviere
Associate Dean of the College, Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Simpson House

Laughy, Michael H.

Michael Laughy
Boetsch Term Associate Professor of Classics
Tucker Hall 106

Loughhead, Grace

Grace Loughhead
Associate Director of Admissions

Trenya Mason
Assistant Dean, Law Student Affairs Law School
Sydney Lewis Hall 528
(540) 458-8162

Millan, Diego

Diego Millan
Assistant Professor of English
Washington 116

Miranda, Deborah A.

Deborah A. Miranda
Thomas H. Broadus Professor of English
Payne 124

Morel, Lucas

Lucas Morel
John K. Boardman, Jr. Professor of Politics
on leave 2020-2021 Academic Year
Huntley 121A

Myers, Barton A.

Barton A. Myers
Class of 1960 Professor of Ethics and History and Associate Professor of Civil War History
Newcomb Hall 232

Nair, Lindsey

Lindsey Nair
Director of Content Development
7 Courthouse Square #215

Olan, Lorri

Lorri Olan
Associate Director of Advising
Elrod Commons 304

Eric J. Owsley
Director of Advancement Communications Strategy
107 Henry Street 202

Nick Perrotta
Assistant Coach
(540) 458-8686

Reid, Chris

Chris Reid
Director of Residence Life
Elrod Commons 233

Rodocker, Jason L.

Jason L. Rodocker
Associate Dean of Students and Dean for First-Year Experience
Elrod Commons 245

Sigler, Haley

Haley Sigler, Ph.D.
Director of Education Studies, Associate Professor
Newcomb Hall 109

Swanson, Hunter

Hunter Swanson
Associate Director, International Student Advisor
Center for Global Learning 142
(540) 458-8144
(540) 550-4270 (for emergencies)

Volant, Lora R.

Lora R. Volant
Senior Residential Life Office Coordinator
Elrod Commons 227

Wheeler, Lesley

Lesley Wheeler
Henry S. Fox Professor of English
On sabbatical 2020-2021
Payne 308

Woodzicka, Julie

Julie Woodzicka
Abigail Grigsby Urquhart Professor of Cognitive and Behavioral Science
Parmly Hall 240

Youngman, Paul

Paul Youngman
Associate Provost and Redenbaugh Professor of German
Washington Hall 217
(540) 458-8705