Emergency Needs Support

Student Affairs provides discretionary funds and resources for students in times of emergencies. The Angel Fund can provide financial support for students who have experienced a major loss of personal property, death or severe illness of immediate family member, or sudden loss of parental support. The Laptop Lending Program allows students to apply for a temporary laptop loan in times of need.

The Graphing Calculator / Laptop Lending Program

The Laptop Lending Program is available to students to may need to temporarily borrow a laptop for a variety of reasons. In addition to Laptops, Student Affairs offers graphing calculators which students may temporarily borrow if needed.

Apply to Borrow a Calculator / Laptop

The Angel Fund

The Student Affairs Angel Fund provides discretionary funds for use in the case of extreme emergencies that result in students' needing financial support. Examples of events that may qualify for such emergency fund are the major loss of personal property as the result of a fire or flood, death or severe illness of a member of the immediate family that may result in travel requirements, or sudden loss of parental support as the result of a major natural disaster.

The fund is designed to be used for temporary, short-term, extreme events and is administered by Student Affairs.

Apply for Angel Fund Assistance Make a Gift to the Angel Fund*

*To make a gift to the Angel Fund, please select the Designation "Other" and type "Angel Fund" in the space provided on the form above.

Whether you are comfortable asking for financial support or prefer your circumstances unknown, we realize that beyond waiving expenses or providing additional funds is how included you feel in the community. We emphasize community building and want our students to develop the desire and skills to create an inclusive community.