African-American / Black Alumni Mentoring Program

The African-American / Black Alumni Mentoring Program at Washington and Lee seeks to connect our current students with Washington and Lee alumni across the country. Mentors would provide a wide array of support and guidance as well as strategies for obtaining internships, graduate school admissions and post-graduation career opportunities. This program would not replace the resources available through existing programs and services at the University, but rather create additional ones to ensure student success.

Goals of the Program

  • To provide networking opportunities for Washington and Lee African-American / Black Alumni and current students
  • To enhance the personal, professional and academic development of current students of African descent
  • To establish meaningful connections between African-American / Black Alumni and the University

Requirements for Mentors

  • Must hold a degree (undergrad or law) from Washington and Lee University
  • Must have graduated at least two years prior to participation in the program
  • Submitted official application for the mentoring program
  • Participated in an interview with members of the Division of Student Affairs
  • Agreement that any issues or concerns pertaining to mentees should be immediately reported to the Dean for Diversity, Inclusion and Student Engagement, Tamara Futrell, or another Student Affairs Dean

Once accepted into the program, mentors will:

  • Connect with their assigned mentee(s) within two weeks of confirmation.
  • Engage with their mentee a minimum of three times during the term. These interactions can be made via phone, skype, email or when possible, in person. 

Requirements for Mentees

  • Current, full-time undergraduate student at Washington and Lee
  • Submitted official application for the mentoring Program
  • A brief training about the program and expectations

Program Timeline

July 13, 2020 Information published for alumni and students
July 31, 2020 Applications for mentors due
August 3, 2020 Zoom meeting for all mentors
August 7, 2020 Applications for mentees due
August 15, 2020 Mentor / Mentee Matches announced
October 12, 2020 Mid-term check-in with mentors and mentees
December 7, 2020 End of term check-in with mentors and mentees
March 8, 2021 Mid-term check-in with mentors and mentees
May 4, 2021 End of year evaluation for mentor and mentees

Apply to be a Mentor Apply to be a Mentee