Faculty Connections Our office encourages forging connections among faculty interested in teaching CBL related courses, and we're always looking for ways to expand our connections. Please get in touch with us to brainstorm new opportunities and possible collaborations.

The CBL Collaborative

The Collaborative trains faculty and instructors on the best and most innovative practices in Community-Based Learning, as well as provides them with key resources and connections across the university to foster professional and institutional growth. Participants design their own CBL courses and in the process examine their pedagogies, assumptions, and expectations relating to community engagement. 

2023-2024 Members

Michelle Cowan - Assistant Professor of Business Administration (Not Pictured)

Karena Gill - Visiting Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Geoscience

Emily Landry - Visiting Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Toni Locy - Professor of Journalism & Mass Communications

Jayson Margalus - Johnson Professor of Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Director of the Connolly Center for Entrepreneurship

Amira Walker - Research Services Resident Librarian and Assistant Professor

Katia Yoza - Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish

2022-2023 Members

Michael Berlin - Visiting Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Writing Program

Madhumita Chakraborty - Postdoctoral Fellow in Earth and Environmental Geoscience

Holly Shablack - Assistant Professor of Cognitive and Behavioral Science

Angela Sun - Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Steven Woodruff - Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and Engineering