Upcoming CBL-Related Courses

CBL courses can happen within any discipline at W&L. Every semester faculty work with community partners to create engaging community learning opportunities. This page changes every semester with new class offerings. To see more community engagement opportunities at W&L please view our database.   

Winter 2023

ACCT 452 - VITA (Rajsky)
BUS 197* - Washington and Lee Student Consulting (Tanlu)
CBL 100* - Intro to CBL (Goluboff)
CBSC 413* - Capstone in Cognitive and Behavioral Science (Murdock)
EDU 210 - Fieldwork in Education (Moffa)
ENGN 279 - Capstone Design (Kuehner)
LATN 200* - Latin in the Schools (Laughy)
POV 102* - Introduction to Community-Based Poverty Studies (Pickett) (2 sections)
SOAN 276 - Art & Science of Survey Research (Jasiewicz)

Fall 2022

BUS 197* - Washington and Lee Student Consulting (Tanlu)
EDU 210*- Fieldwork in Education (Sigler)
ENGN 378 - Capstone Design (Woodruff)
FILM 238* - Documentary Filmmaking (Sandberg)
JOUR 273* - Public Relations (Abah)
PHY207*- Electic Circuits (Erickson)
POV 102* - Introduction to Community-Based Poverty Studies (Charley)
SPAN204 - Conversational Skills (Reino)

*Indicates CBL-designated courses

CBL at a Glance

Common Focus Areas

Recent CBL-Related Course Offerings

Aging, Child Advocacy,

Domestic Violence, Early Childhood Development,

Economic Development, Education,

Environmental Conservation, Food Security,

Health and Wellbeing, History,

Housing, Immigration,

Incarceration, Nutrition,

Prevention, Social Justice

ACCT 452: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
ARTH/ARTS 275: Community Muralism
BIO 275*: Food for Thought
BUS 197*: Washington and Lee Student Consulting
BUS 301: Organizational Behavior
BUS 304A: Business Communication Technologies
BUS 321: Multimedia Design and Development
CBL 100*: Intro to CBL: Unheard Voices of Black Lexington
CBL 200*: Peer Mentors for CBL
CBL 453*: CBL Peer Mentors
CBSC 300: The Pursuit of Happiness
CBSC 413-01*: Applied Senior Capstone
ECON 235: Economics of Social Issues
EDUC 210*: Fieldwork in Education
ENGL 201: Intro to Creative Writing
ENGL 293G*: Nature as Self: Environmental Literature in the Anthropocene
ENGN 207*: Electrical Circuits
ENGN/PHYS 378/379: Senior Capstone
ENV 111*: Environmental Service Learning
FILM 238*: Documentary Filmmaking
GEOL 275: Introductory Geophysics
JOUR 227: Public Relations Writing
JOUR 273*: Principles of Public Relations
LATN 200*: Latin Practicum in School
LAW 402P: Rights of Prisoners Practicum
POL 294: Food Policy
POV 102*: Introduction to Community-Based Poverty Studies
POV 296*: Justice and Mercy
SPAN 204: Conversational Skills
SPAN 295A*: Vivir en Comunidad
SPAN 392: Language Theory & Practice
SOAN 253*: Narrating Our Stories: Culture, Society, and Identity
SOAN 276: Art & Science of Surveys
SOAN 280*: Gender and Sexuality
SOAN 403-01*: Peer Mentors for CBL 100/ Independ. Study
WRIT 100*: Nonconformity and Community: A CBL Writing Course

Common Academic Disciplines

Accounting, Art,

Biology, Business,

Community-Based Learning, Cognitive and Behavioral Science,

Economics, Education,

English, Physics and Engineering,

Environmental Studies, Film,

Geology, Journalism,

Latin, Law,

Politics, Poverty Studies

Sociology and Anthropology, Spanish, Writing