Bob Stewart Professor of Cognitive and Behavioral Science

Bob Stewart

Parmly Hall 231
Curriculum Vitae


1994-1996: Postdoctoral Fellow in Membrane Biology,
      Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University
1994: Ph.D. in Neuroscience, University of Virginia
1987: B.A. in Psychology, University of Virginia


Research interests include structure and function of the mammalian gustatory system.  Research focuses on salty, sweet and bitter taste development.  More recent interests include the development and
plasticity of taste axon termination patterns in the nucleus of the
solitary tract.


PSYC 111  Brain and Behavior
PSYC 120  Quantitative Literacy in the Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 150  Psychoactive Drugs and Behavior
PSYC 250  Research Design and Analysis
PSYC 253  Neural Mechanisms of Motivated Behaviors
PSYC 258  Neural Mechanisms of Sensory and Motor Functions
PSYC 353  Advanced Methods in Systems Neuroscience Research
PSYC 395/NEUR 395  Neuropharmacology

NEUR 120  Introduction to Neuroscience
NEUR 395  Selected Techniques in Neurohistology