Christopher B. Jenney Visiting Assistant Professor of Cognitive and Behavioral Science

Christopher B. Jenney

Parmly Hall 120


PhD – Pennsylvania State University, 2017
MSc – Florida State University, 2015
IMBA – University of South Carolina, 1992
BBA – East Tennessee State University, 1989


My lab studies decision making processes during stress such as during addiction, and studies potential nutritional intervention to repair neural physiology and to reduce craving and relapse to drugs of abuse.


CBSC 111: Brain & Behavior
CBSC 295: Learning & Memory
CBSC 295: Addiction
CBSC 295: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
CBSC 298: Neuroeconomics
CBSC 298: Nutritional Neuroscience
CBSC 398: Advanced Methods

Selected Publications

McFalls AJ, Jenney CB, Stanford RS, Woodward E, Hajnal A, Grigson PS, Vrana KE, Greater avoidance of a saccharin cue paired with passive delivery of heroin is associated with a select increase in expression of CRFR2 and CRFbp in the hippocampus in rats, Brain Res Bull. 2022 Oct;191;48-60

Sherman E, Jenney CB, Iron status: an update on learning, memory, and implications for addiction, J Clin Pediatr Neonatol 2020 1 (3), 49-52

Jenney CB, Dasalla J, Grigson PS, Female rats exhibit less avoidance than male rats of a cocaine-, but not a morphine-paired, saccharin cue., Brain Res Bull. 2018 Apr;138;80-87