Applied Piano Lessons

Applied music lessons are offered to students regardless of major and prior experience. While there is no set skill level required to take lessons, preparation outside of the classroom is expected as with other academic classes (see Applied Music).

Lessons are individually tailored to each student's proficiency level, and appropriate repertoire will be discussed during the initial lesson. All students enrolled in applied piano lessons are required to perform in at least two studio classes. These classes are similar in format to performance workshops and are wonderful opportunities to play in a lower-pressure environment compared to concerts (see Performance Opportunities).

Piano juries will determine the final exam grade for students enrolled in applied lessons. Students are expected to demonstrate a set of technical skills, to sight read, and to perform at least two pieces that they have worked on during the term. Students are also expected to submit a Practice Form at their jury time to verify practice hours at the closing of the term.

To view Dr. Konishi's Fall Term 2023 Applied Piano syllabus, click here.