Wilson Concert Hall

Wilson Concert Hall from the rear.

Wilson Hall contains a 300-seat state of the art Concert Hall, which plays host not only to the University's many student, faculty, and ensemble groups, but also world-renowned artists.

The walls of the hall are draped with heavy velour "banners" with four velour "sails" between the catwalks. Adjusted by motors, the curtains can adjust acoustics to optimize performance conditions. Performances in the concert hall are enhanced with computer-controlled lighting and video systems as well as being archived in the overlooking Production Control Booth.

Numerous events occur in Wilson Concert Hall to include choral, instrumental ensemble, and recital rehearsals, Department of Music performances and events, Department of Art and Art History Lectures, and other university functions.

Policy on Concert Hall Usage for Students

  1. The Concert Hall is accessible 8:00AM-11:00PM.
  2. All reservation requests must be made through 25 Live.
  3. Reservation requests require approval prior to use, and are approved on a first-come, first-served basis. Please do not make definitive plans to use the space until you have received confirmation your request has been approved.
  4. Requests are to be made as early in advance as possible and approvals are granted during regular office hours only. For rehearsal reservations, please contact Erin Phillips at ephillips@wlu.edu. For event reservations, please contact Rena Cromer at cromerr@wlu.edu.
  5. When you are finished with your rehearsal, please ensure the hall is neat, clean, and in the same condition as you found it.
  6. No food or drink is permitted in the Concert Hall.
  7. Recurring reservations cannot be made for the Concert Hall.