Technology Classroom

The Technology Classroom, Wilson 2020, contains 16 student pianos, a piano lab master controller, computer stations, a laser printer, a Yamaha grand piano, overhead projector, speakers, and an advanced instructor's station.

Each of the 16 computer stations is an Apple Mac Mini combined with piano keyboards and audio interfaces. Software installed on these computers includes Finale, Garritan Personal Orchestra, NotePerformer, Pro Tools, Logic Pro and others.

The Department of Music offers a variety of classes that utilize this space such as Class Piano, Music Theory, Composition, and Topics in Sound Technology.

Classroom Usage Policy

  1. To reserve this space, prior approval from the Department of Music's Department Head is required. Upon receiving approval, the reservation request must be submitted via 25 Live.
  2. Students should save their work to their network drive or some form of personal storage such as a USB flash drive or external hard drive. There are folders on the desktop of the computers in 2020 where students can save work; however, these folders are open to everyone using the computers.
  3. Food and drinks are not permitted in the classroom.