Ethics of Environmental Valuation Conference

The Mudd Center for Ethics at Washington and Lee University will host an interdisciplinary conference on "The Ethics of Environmental Valuation" on Saturday, October 29. The conference will explore two fundamental (and related) themes. The first theme concerns the ethical issues surrounding the valuation of ecosystem services. The second theme examines the proper role of preference satisfaction in the development of environmental policy. Conference speakers include philosophers, economists, and environmental scientists. The conference is free and open to the public.


Bryan Norton, "A Situational Understanding of Environmental Values and Evaluation"

Lisi Krall, "Human Domination and the Ethical Conundrum of Environmental Valuation"

Sahotra Sarkar, "Intrinsic Values from the Perspective of Rational Decisions"

11:45 - 1:30: Lunch Break

Stephen Polasky, "Ecosystem Services and/or Intrinsic Value: Is Conservation For Nature? For People? For Both?"

Rachelle Gould, "The Promises, Pitfalls, and Ethical Dilemmas of Valuing Cultural Ecosystem Services"

Terre Satterfield, "Understanding the Non-Substitutability of [Some] Cultural Ecosystem Services and Valuing the Invaluable"

Panel Discussion


  • Rachelle Gould, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, University of Vermont
  • Lisi Krall, Professor of Economics, SUNY-Cortland
  • Bryan Norton, Professor of Philosophy, Georgia Tech
  • Stephen Polasky, Regents Professor and Fesler-Lampert Professor of Ecological/Environmental Economics, University of Minnesota
  • Sahotra Sarkar, Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas-Austin
  • Terre Satterfield, Professor and Director, Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability, University of British Columbia