Course Offerings

There are a broad range of courses that intersect with Middle East and South Asia Studies at Washington and Lee. Please consult the course catalog for the most up to date information on course offerings. Language courses, not listed here, may also be of interest. If you would like to add a course to this list, please contact Tim Lubin

ARAB 111: First-Year Arabic I

ARAB 112: First-Year Arabic II

ARAB 161: Second-Year Arabic I

ARAB 162: Second-Year Arabic II

ARAB 211: Third-Year Arabic I

ARAB 212: Third-Year Arabic II

ARTH 140: Intro to Asian Art

ARTH 141: Buddhist Art of South and Central Asia

ARTH 242: Arts of India

ARTH 243: Imaging Tibet

ARTH 245: Ancient Culture, New Markets: Modern and Contemporary Asian Art

ARTH 246: Questions of Ownership: Looting, Curating, and Destroying Cultural Heritage Objects

ARTH 342: Love, Loyalty, and Lordship: Court Art of India, 1500s to 1800s

ARTH 343: Art and Material Culture of Tibet

ECON 246 / REL 246: Caste at the Intersection of Economy, Religion, and Law (Spring Term Abroad in Nepal)

ECON 276: Health Economics in Developing Countries (project on MESA country)

ECON 295: Special Topics in Economics (on a MESA-related topic)

ECON 395: Economics of Culture and Development (on a MESA-related topic)

HIST 170: History of Islamic Civilization I

HIST 171: History of Islamic Civilization II

LIT 180: Jinn and Ghosts: Poetry, Madness, and Memory in Modern Arabic Literature (First-Year Seminar)

LIT 273 / REL 273: Modern Jewish Literature in Translation

LIT 295: Hidden Figures: Arab Women Writers, Genres and Forms

MESA 195: Gateway to Middle East and South Asia Studies

MESA 393: Capstone in Middle East and South Asia Studies

POL 274: Terrorism (on a MESA-related topic)

POL 384: Middle East Politics

POL 396: Seminar in Political Philosophy (on a MESA-related topic)

REL 101: Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

REL 102: New Testament and Early Christian Literature

REL 106: Judaism: Tradition and Modernity

REL 130: Us, Them, and God: Religion and Identity in MESA

REL 131: Buddhism

REL 132: God and Goddess in Hinduism

REL 216: Sainthood in Four Traditions

REL 222: Law and Religion

REL 231: Yogis, Monks, and Mystics in India

REL 250: Early Christianity: Orthodoxy and Heresy

REL 260: Seminar in the Christian Tradition (on a MESA-related topic)

REL 273 / LIT 273: Jewish Literature in Translation

REL 283: Sufism: Islamic Mysticism

REL 284: Gender and Sexuality in Islam

REL 333: Meditation and Self-Knowledge

REL 335: Hindu Law in Theory and Practice

REL 350: Seminar in Biblical Studies

REL 381: Islamic Law in Society

SKT 101: Elementary Sanskrit I

SKT 102: Elementary Sanskrit II

SKT 201: Intermediate Sanskrit I

SKT 202: Intermediate Sanskrit II

SKT 301: Advanced Readings in Sanskrit