Math Transfer Credit Policy

·  Transfer Credit Policy for FDR Courses and Introductory Courses

  1. Courses below entry 100-level courses (e.g. Math 100, 101, 118, and 121) at W&L, including College Algebra, Trigonometry, Arithmetic, Remedial Mathematics, Pre-Calculus, and other courses that are similar in nature and level, as determined by the Course Approver, are not eligible for credit in W&L Mathematics.
  2. W&L Mathematics does not permit students to earn FDR credit for mathematics courses at the 100-level away from campus, though exceptions may be granted in extraordinary and compelling situations (but see C and D below for incoming students). Petitions for FDR credit for 200+-level courses will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and will be decided after a careful review of the application, all relevant syllabi, and other reasonable materials, such as an explanation as to why the student is seeking FDR credit away from campus. The final decision will be made by the Course Approver.
  3. An incoming FY student may only receive credit for a course that is equivalent to an FDR course if that student earns it through the “Advanced Standing” or the “Advanced Placement” policy. 
  4. Incoming transfer students may be eligible to receive some FDR transfer credit depending on their situation, the nature, level, and field of their coursework, and university policy. The final determination will be made by the Course Approver.
  5. All decisions will be subject to university and departmental policy.

·  Transfer Credit Policy for Non-FDR Courses

  1. Any student may submit petitions for credit for non-FDR coursework completed away from campus, or before matriculation at W&L began. All coursework must meet or exceed the level, nature, and field of the works that would be produced in similar courses at W&L. The Course Approver will make the final decision on whether the coursework will be accepted for credit after a careful examination of the application, the syllabus, and other reasonable materials that may be requested for examination. The Course Approver may impose additional, reasonable academic conditions on the student in order to approve a particular request.
  2. All decisions will be subject to university and departmental policy.