Final Exam Policy

This information applies to mathematics examinations. You must check with your professors in other subjects to learn their procedures.

There are ten examination periods beginning with Saturday afternoon, 2:00- 5:00, and continuing Monday through Thursday of the next week: mornings, 9:00-12:00, and afternoons, 2:00-5:00, and then ending with Friday morning 9:00-12:00. You may take your mathematics examination in any one of these periods.

Near the end of the term, your instructor will pass out an examination envelope to you with your name already on it. You need to complete all the information on the front of your examination envelope (except for writing and signing the pledge) and give it back to your professor.  You must state on the envelope the examination period you select for your mathematics examination. (Keep a record of the time you picked. Our suggestion is to take a picture of it with your phone.)

A change in your selected period is allowed, but you must follow this procedure.  A change is made only by coming in person to the lobby of Chavis Hall and writing your change on the change-list located there. No change will be made by telephone or e-mail.

If you wish to take your examination earlier than the period you indicated on the envelope, you must write your change on the change-list at least two hours before the period to which you wish to change.

If you wish to take your examination later than the period you indicated on the envelope, you must write your change on the change-list at least two hours before the period you originally selected.

Failure to follow the instructions above may result in a deduction of points from your examination score for each violation of the instructions.

Examinations must be taken in assigned locations in Chavis Hall.  Latecomers will not be allowed additional time. No one will be permitted to start early. You may leave when you finish, even if you do not use the entire three hours.  Please do not seal the examination envelope.  Leave your completed exam in the box at the front of the classroom.  In general, follow the instructions of the professor in charge of your examination period.

If you have permission from the Dean to take extra time on your examination or use a low distraction room, then you must notify your professor of this and you must take your exam from either 9am-1:30pm or 12:30pm-5pm (on Saturday it must be 12:30-5pm and on Friday it must be from 9:00am-1:30pm).  

Finally, students are not permitted to discuss an examination, and a professor is not permitted to tell a student the grade of an examination, until the conclusion of all examinations.