All Genders Restroom Initiative

In an ongoing commitment to develop an inclusive environment for people of all genders, Washington and Lee University has begun to designate certain restrooms on campus as all-gender Restrooms. An all-gender restroom, also known as a gender-inclusive restroom, can benefit many different people, including parents with differently gendered children, alter-abled people who may require the accompaniment of an attendant of a different gender, and trans and gender non-conforming people.

In launching this initiative, the University has been guided by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force‘s statements about potential impacts when bathrooms are labeled for women or men only:

  • Trans & Gender Non-Conforming people often face discrimination, harassment, arrest or violence in bathrooms!
  • Everyone should get to do their makeup, change clothes, change their babies and use the bathroom in peace.
  • Everyone who needs help should be able to use the facilities with their family members, friends, or attendants.

Restroom Locations

Here is a map of our All Genders Restroom Initiative.

Undergraduate Campus:
  • Admissions Office (2)
  • Center for Global Learning (2)*
  • Elrod Commons (6)*
  • Gaines Hall
  • Health Center (5)
  • Hillel (3)
  • Morris House (2)*
Law School Campus:
  • Black Lung Center (2)
  • Dean's Suite (1)
  • Outside Faculty Lounge (2)
  • Powell Archives (1)
  • Powell Suite (1)
  • Registrar's Office (1)

*Coming Soon