A documentary filmed at Temple University featuring Maia Levy's reaction to videos of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by filmmaker Ra'anan Alexandrowicz

No tickets are required.

Filmmaker Ra'ana Alexandrovitz will be featured at a screening of his documentary The Viewing Booth at 5 p.m. on March 8 in the Stackhouse Theater as part of the Middle East and South Asia Studies Program in partnership with the Department of Theater, Dance, and Film Studies. Comments by Alexandrovitz will follow the screening.

In the director, screenwriter and editor Alexandrovitz's cinematic search for the role of nonfiction images in advocating human rights and social justice, he explores the internal experience of a viewer.

In his experimental documentary The Viewing Booth, Alexandrovitz turns the camera towards the viewers. The provocative and reflexive film will engage the audience to question their biases and perceptions.

Sponsored by The Glasgow Endowment