Krasnoyarsk National Dance Company of Siberia

Founded in 1960, Krasnoyarsk National Dance Company of Siberia is lovingly embraced by its homeland and has won over audiences worldwide during its many tours and festival appearances. Mikhail Godenko, founder and choreographer, brings popular Siberian folk dances to the stage, complete with 55 dancers and an array of gorgeous folk costumes. Audiences agree he brings out the wealth of Siberian folklore and everyday life in the region with pieces such as "The Mother-in-Law had Seven Sons-in-Law" and "A Girl Went to Fetch Water." Like a fairytale revealed, vivid characters in lavishly colorful costumes flow from one folk dance to the next in a single choreographic symphony. Godenko crafts the dances like large choreographic canvases with many episodes and contrasting rhythms. While paying tribute to their remote homeland, this is no mere presentation of peasant dance as Godenko deftly infuses village ritual with modern technique. The company's orchestra utilizes folk instruments to interweave regional music within the dance pieces. The resulting performance showcases tradition through the eyes of a skillful choreographer and a host of disciplined artists.

About the Production

Sponsored in part by the Class of '64 Performing Arts Fund