Fall Choral Concert featuring the University Singers, Men's Glee Club, and Cantatrici

Join the University Singers, Men's Glee Club, and Cantatrici in their Fall Choral Concert. The concert will begin with the Men's Glee Club, including a performance of Mack Wilberg's heartrending arrangement of The Dying Soldier. Cantatrici will follow and then the two choirs will join forces for Sarah Hopkins' haunting Past Life Melodies, a work complete with aboriginal chanting and harmonic overtone singing paired with lighting throughout the hall. The centerpiece of the program will be the University Singers' performance of Lithuanian composer Vaclovas Augustinus' Anoj Pusej Dunojelio, sung surrounding the audience, and then immediately moving to the world premiere of Shane Lynch's Aether, a work performed with dance, movement, and lighting. Also featured will be the Lexington debut of Uģis Prauliņš' stunning Kyrie eleison from his 2002 Missa Rigensis. Masterpieces by Josef Rheinberger, Dan Forrest, Rosephanye Powell, and others will round out the evening; finally closing with the W&L tradition, Shenandoah. The Fall Concert will include the Family Weekend literature with additional works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Joan Szymko, and many others.

Tickets are free, but required.

About the Production

W&L In-Residence Quartet sponsored by Gerry and Marguerite Lenfest Visiting Artists Fund