Contemporary Play Reading Series: "Everything Is Probably Going To Be Okay" By Catya McMullen

There are so many creative and talented playwrights today that it is not possible to fully produce all the plays we want to share with you. To assure we are fully representing the wide variety of dramatic literature currently available, we are producing a series of play readings. A stage reading focuses just on the play and its dialogue, resulting in an intimate, bare-bones theater experience. Our contemporary plays this season are a range of important and cutting edge works. After every reading, the audience is invited to join a talk-back discussion with the performers and director.

One scene 2002, the next 2012, the next 2002 and so forth.  Each scene a decade apart, similar yet so different, taking the audience through the relationship of two women together, torn apart. Does the future hold what the past predicts? McMullen’s work invokes perhaps more intriguing questions than it answers.

When asked, “What kind of theater excites you?”  McMullen answered, “Plays where you can laugh and cry in the same sitting. Plays that make me think and feel. Plays driven by heart not concept. Plays that merge the two.”

Some contain mature content; parental judgement may be required.