Che Malambo

Thursday, April 26, 2018
7:30 p.m.
Keller Theatre

Joint presentation with Concert Guild
Sponsored in part by the Class of '64 Performing Arts Fund

"The closing number may have surprised even the most seasoned dancegoers: a thrilling display of malambo, a traditional dance of South American cowboys that doesn’t come around New York too often." ~NEW YORK TIMES

The powerhouse all-male Argentinian dance company, Che Malambo, excites audiences with percussive dance, whirling lasso boleadoras, and music spectacle. Malambo, a dynamic blend of precision footwork, rhythmic stomping, drumming and song, is at the heart of the gaucho (South American cowboy) tradition and is now thrilling audiences around the world with this new production created by renowned French choreographer and former ballet dancer, Gilles Brinas. Che Malambo brings fiery South American malambo traditions and virtuosic dancing to the stage for an exhilarating and entertaining show that is perfect for the entire family.

Malambo began in the 17th century as a kind of rhythmic competitive duel that challenged agility, strength and speed among the gauchos. The hallmark style, zapeteo, is the fast-paced footwork inspired by the rhythm of galloping horses. In addition to zapateo, malambo features the drumming of traditional Argentine bombos and whirling boleadoras, a throwing weapon made up of intertwined cords and weighted with stones used as a hunting weapon to capture cattle or game by entangling their legs or wings.
Gilles Brinas performed with prestigious dance companies throughout Europe including Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon and the Ballet of the Twentieth Century, founded by Maurice Béjart. In addition to founding the Ballet DEA in 1979, Brinas has choreographed works for Biennale de la Danse. Amongst his many honors are awards from the Bagnolet competition and the Charles Oulmont Foundation.

Tickets are required:
Adult $35
Senior $30
W&L Faculty & Staff $25
W&L Student/Student $5

University Swipe Available

Tickets are forfeited if not seated 5 MINUTES prior to curtain time.

Che Malambo