AUDITIONS: The Night of the Iguana Open Auditions for the Fall Production

W&L's Theater/Dance/Film Department's
Announces Open Auditions for the Fall Production

Tennessee Williams'
The Night of the Iguana

Auditions: Wednesday/Thursday, September 17/18 2014, 7 -- 9pm, Johnson Theatre, Lenfest Hall
Rehearsals begin Sept. 22


  • November 5 -- 8, 2014; 7:30pm
  • November 9, 2014, 2:00pm, Johnson Theatre, Lenfest Hall

This classic Tennessee Williams play (1961) is set on the west coast of Mexico just prior to World War II.  Its protagonist, The Rev. Shannon, has been "locked" out of his church for rumored indiscretion with a young female parishioner.  Now a tour guide, he seeks refuge in a dilapidated coastal hotel run by an old friend, the "swarthy" widow Maxine. Guests in the hotel include a group of pre-WWII Nazis, a bus load of disgruntled lady tourists, and a sophisticated New England artist travelling with her ancient poet grandfather. Two scantily clothed Mexican young men help Maxine run her hotel -- they also capture iguanas for food.The play’s themes contain elements of loneliness, entrapment, and sexual tension. These themes are reinforced with the effects of alcoholism, heresy, and the trials of past lives.

The poetry of Williams’ dialogue combined with his ability to create complex character subtext choices make any of his works an actor’s dream exercise. His works are consistently being revived, productions that make use of innovative design and movement. The recent Broadway production of The Glass Menagerie with Cherry Jones and Zachary Quinto illustrates that his plays continue to move contemporary audiences.

Design innovation and movement will find places in this production as well. It will be rehearsed and performed in the intimate Johnson Theatre, using an audience convention known as arena – a configuration where the acting area is completely surrounded by the artist. This structure is a challenge for the actor as different parts of the audience are always viewing someone's back.

The Night of the Iguana characters, 6 women and 8 men:

With Blake Tours:

  • Reverend Shannon, tour conductor of Black Tours, now "de-frocked." (This role will be played by a student who is completing his Honors Thesis in Theater.)
  • Hank, Shannon's assistant with Blake Tours and bus driver.
  • Jake Latta, an employee of Blake Tours who comes to take over Shannon's position.

The Locals:

  • Maxine Faulk, the owner of the Costa Verde Hotel.
  • Pedro and Pancho, scantily clad employees of the hotel.

The Guests:

  • Hannah Jelkes, a woman who has no money yet manages to travel around the world with ancient grandfather, a poet.
  • Nonno, Hannah's poet grandfather. (This role will be played by a guest artist.)
  • Judith Fellowes, vocal teacher, the lead tourist, Shannon's nemesis.
  • Charlotte Goodall, a musical prodigy who has great interest in Rev. Shannon.
  • The Germans, other guests at the hotel:
  • Herr Fahrenkopf, a tank manufacturer from Frankfort.
  • Frau Fahrenkopf, his wife.
  • Wolfgang, a German tourist.
  • Hilda, Wolfgang's wife.

Rob Mish ’76 will direct. Please contact him ( for additional information about the Auditions and the Production itself.