The Beauty Project A Collaborative and Creative Adventure in the Arts—Music, Theater, Dance and Art!

The Beauty Project is an immersive audience experience. Patrons will join the performers on stage as they present their pieces. In addition, both the Keller and Johnson Theatre stages will be used during the performances. There will be only 15 seats prioritized for patrons who are unable to stand the duration of the performance available on either stage for reservation only through the Lenfest Box Office 458-8000.

How do we define beauty?  What brought us here to this point, in this world, to define beauty the way we do? Even though it is in the "eye of the beholder," there are commonalities to what cultures perceive as beautiful. This original work combines theater, dance and visual media to explore beauty in various contexts, drawing on ideas from science, math, literature and philosophy to illustrate how different cultures and subcultures approach the concept of beauty-and how beauty is found in everyone. The Beauty Project will be a collaboration of students and faculty alike—it is not a written "script," but rather an evolving entity of a variety of media focusing on the concept of Beauty, how we look at it, conceive of it, and envision it.  Music, theater, dance, art will all be part of this amazing experience.