The Allen Schanck Roberts '85 Scholarship Fund

Purpose: To support an internship abroad.

Eligibility: Preference given to students interested in journalism, business journalism, strategic communication or public affairs. Students with foreign language skills will also receive preference. Journalism and strategic communication majors who receive this stipend must register for the appropriate credit hours of Jour 451-453 or Jour 461-463. Other students must work with the Center for International Education to provide details about the internship and to schedule a presentation after their return to campus.

How to apply: Secure an internship abroad, then apply for the scholarship. Address applications to the department head. Include: 1) a letter specifying the nature of the work and related travel, and the nature of your interest and background; 2) a detailed budget. Even if you haven't gotten confirmation of your overseas internship we still encourage you to apply for the Roberts. The award may be made contingent on the overseas site's accepting you.

Deadline: January 15

For details: See Stacy Kao,

The Allen Schanck Roberts '85 Scholarship Fund was established in 1993 by family and friends to honor the memory of Allen Roberts (1963-1993). It provides assistance to undergraduates for an internship abroad. Along with foreign language skills, consideration also will be given to qualities of the heart and mind that distinguished Allen Roberts - curiosity, independence of thought and an ability to give voice to the concerns and aspirations of people of diverse backgrounds and stations in life.

A member of the Class of 1985, Allen Roberts was a reporter for The Journal of Commerce, The (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot, the Dayton Daily News and the Beaumont (Texas) Enterprise.

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communications administers the income from the Allen Schanck Roberts '85 Scholarship Fund.