Claudette G. Artwick Associate Professor of Journalism & Mass Communications Emerita

Claudette G. Artwick


Ph.D., Communications, University of Washington
M.A, Journalism & Communication, University of Florida
B.S., Journalism, University of Illinois


Digital media and society
Sustainability communication
Social media livestreaming
Journalists and Twitter
News framing and issue perception
Visuals images and construction of meaning
Diffusion of innovations



Courses (2020-2022)

JOUR 202:  Introduction to Digital Storytelling

JOUR 295: Studio Production

JOUR 270: Digital Media and Society

Other courses taught:

JOUR 101: Introduction to Mass Communications

JOUR 231: Communication Theory

JOUR 232: Research Methods in Mass Communication

JOUR 263: Reporting for Electronic Media

JOUR 295:  Public Service Media

JOUR 356:  In-depth Reporting

JOUR 362:  Advanced Electronic Journalism

Selected Publications

Artwick, C. G. (2019). Social media livestreaming: Design for disruption? Abingdon: Routledge.

Artwick, C. G. (2018). Social media livestreaming. In S. Eldridge II & B. Franklin (Eds.), The Routledge handbook of developments in digital journalism studies. London: Routledge.

Artwick, C. G. (2013). News sourcing and gender on Twitter. Journalism.

Artwick, C. G. (2013) Reporters on Twitter: Product or Service?  Digital Journalism.

Artwick, C. G. (March/April 2010).  White, black and missing on Twitter:  Social media highlight disparities in news coverage of two missing Virginia women.  Quill, 18-22.

Artwick, C. G. (2004). Reporting and producing for digital media. Ames: Blackwell Publishing.

Artwick, C. G. (2002). Dismantling the silos: Moving toward a converged journalism curriculum at Washington and Lee University, Feedback, Vol. 43, No. 4,  28-31.

Artwick, C. G. and Gordon, M. T. (1998).  Portrayal of U.S. cities by daily newspapers,  Newspaper Research Journal, Vol. 19, No. 1, Winter, 54-63.

Artwick, C. G. (1996). Blood, body bags, and tears: Remembering visual images from local television crime news,  Visual Communication Quarterly, Spring, 14-18.

Artwick, C. G. (July/August 1996). Media held hostage: TV faces harrowing times when broadcasts go live. Quill, pp. 20-23.

Rockbridge Internet: Research on the role of the Internet in the Rockbridge area of Virginia