2010 Johnson Opportunity Grant Winners

Christine Balistreri '11

Christine Balistreri is an economics and environmental studies major from Mequon, Wis. She applied for a Johnson Opportunity Grant to spend her summer as a medical intern at the Wichanzao Clinic in Peru, where she assists local doctors while gaining an understanding of healthcare systems in developing nations. A leader of Washington and Lee's Reformed University Fellowship (RUF), Balisteri has already spent time learning about health care in developing nations during W&L's Spring Term abroad in Ghana in 2009. There, she learned about the health crises affecting the nation and visited various Ghanaian health centers.

Laura Campbell '12

Laura Campbell is a double major in German language and philosophy with a minor in creative writing from Greenwood, Va. She applied for a Johnson Opportunity Grant to intern with the Germany Hands-On program in Bonn, Germany. Campbell has been involved with the Generalprobe German theater program at W&L, participating in the group's productions for the past two years.

Raisa Velasco Castedo '12

Raisa Velasco Castedo is a chemistry-engineering major from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. She applied for a Johnson Opportunity Grant to attend the 14th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference in Washington, D.C., to learn more about new "green" technologies been developed around the world. Castedo worked with physics professor Dan Mazilu on an R.E. Lee Project during the summer of 2009. She is the outreach committee chair for the Student Association for International Learning (SAIL) and a member of the Campus Food Committee.

Frank Cullo '12

Francis Cullo '12 is a double major in anthropology and sociology and English from Sewickley. Pa. He applied for a Johnson Opportunity Grant to conduct ethnographic research on daily life in Gambia, using both participant observation and field research to collect data. He will also attend classes on ethnography, as well as study an indigenous Gambian language. Cullo is a member of the men's swimming team at W&L.

Claire Elder '11

Claire Elder is a European history major from Cincinnati, Ohio. She applied for a Johnson Opportunity Grant to spend the summer as an intern at the Irish Centre for Human Rights at the National University of Ireland, Galway, one of the world's premier university-based institutions for the study and promotion of human rights and humanitarian law. Elder is a member of University Scholars and Phi Beta Kappa, as well as Amnesty International and the Film Society.

Liza Haynie '11

Liza Haynie applied for a Johnson Opportunity Grant to participate in the MedSpanish Pre-Professional Summer Internship program in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. In addition to attending classes in medical Spanish, Hayne got hands-on medical experience with the Red Cross and in a local hospital. A business administration major from Shreveport, La., she has previously worked in medical clinics in Nicaragua and the Brooklyn Chest Tuberculosis Hospital in South Africa. She also spent a semester abroad at the University of Cape town in South Africa in the fall of 2009.

Michael Kuntz '11

Michael Kuntz is a biochemistry major with a German minor from Stafford, Va. He applied for a Johnson Opportunity Grant to spend the summer at the Texas Heart Institute at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston, where he works under the direction of Dr. Jim Livesay '69. Kuntz observes heart surgeries and conducts medical research, as well as attends teaching conferences to learn about the newest developments in medical care. At W&L, he is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and Phi Beta Kappa. He was also a Robert E. Lee scholar during the summers of 2008 and 2009, during which he did organic chemistry research at W&L and the University of St. Andrews, respectively. He volunteers at the Rockbridge Area Free Clinic and Campus Kitchens.

Scott Matarese '11

Scott Matarese is a global politics and global history major with a minor in Latin American and Caribbean studies from New York City/White Plains, N.Y. Through a Johnson Opportunity Grant, he is spending the summer teaching underprivileged students in the rural Ecuadorian highlands through the Village Education Project. He is one of a group of teachers helping to bring the students up to their grade levels.

Amanda Micossi '11

Amanda Micossi is a global politics and religion major from Lake Oswego, Ore. Through a Johnson Opportunity Grant, she is spending the summer as a volunteer with the Refugee Status Determination team at the African Refugee Development Center, an Israeli non-governmental organization (NGO) located in Tel Aviv. The African Refugee Development Center was created by refugees in order to assist other refugees who have come to Israel from Africa. Micossi studied at Hebrew University of Jerusalem for the winter and spring terms of her sophomore year. While abroad, she became involved with another Israeli NGO and taught refugees there as well.

Annie Smith '12

Annie Smith is a psychology major with a minor in studio art from New Canaan, CT. She applied for a Johnson Opportunity Grant to intern in the marketing and advertising division of designer brand Kate Spade New York. While shadowing the director of marketing and strategy at the firm, Smith worked on projects related to consumer and market analysis, as well as prepared reports on the development of the firm's marketing program. A psychology major with a minor in studio art from New Canaan, Conn., Smith is involved with W&L's Advertising Club and the General Activities Board.

Ellen Yeatman '12

Ellen Yeatman is a chemistry major with a minor in environmental studies from Little Rock, Ark. She applied for a Johnson Opportunity Grant to work at the Center for Sustainable Development Studies in Athenas, Costa Rica, researching better ways to manage the operation of the parks within conservation areas. Through classroom and lab experiences, as well as field research in the tropical forests of Costa Rica, she is learning about resource management and the socioeconomic challenges affecting Costa Rica and its rainforests. Yeatman is a member of the women's tennis team and a volunteer with the Nabors Service League and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), as well as a peer tutor.