Philosophy The Way of Tea

The Zen of Tea

Tea is about using all your senses in order to notice beauty that ordinarily is overlooked. The sound of the kettle murmuring has been likened to the sound of wind blowing through the pines. As the electric coils of the "fire" begin to glow, the smell of incense is released, purifying the room and the spirit. The utensils have been selected to present an ensemble of textures, colors and images to the guests. And finally, there is the fragrance of the tea as it is being whisked by the host, followed by the first sip of this agelessly rejuvenating beverage.

Seven Rules

Make a delicious bowl of tea.
Place the charcoal so that the water will boil quickly.
Arrange the flowers as they grow in the field.
Keep the tearoom cool in summer, warm in winter.
Have everything ready ahead of time.
Be prepared for rain.
Give your guests every consideration.

- Sen no Rikyü (1522-1591)