Tearoom Grand Opening 2007

The Opening of the Watson Pavilion Tea Room took place February 2, 2007 in conjunction with a meeting of the Board of Trustees. Minister Akitaka Saiki, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Japan in Washington, D.C. joined President Ruscio and Rector Phillip Norwood in giving the opening remarks to celebrate this momentous occasion. Tea room builder, Seiji Suzuki, joined tea instructors Larry Tiscornia and Glenn Pereira in a formal tea demonstration for the opening ceremony. Glenn Pereira held a master class for students in the art of making traditional Japanese sweets. Students also enjoyed a master tea class in the tea room. Larry Tiscornia and Kimika Takechi led a workshop open to the community on the art of "chabana" or flowers for the tea ceremony. On Saturday February 3, 2007 W&L students served over 150 guests in an open tea gathering for the community.