Opportunity Project FAQs

How do I set up a Projects Worklet in my Home Page?

Click on the gear to the far right in the banner with your name. In the Optional Worklets, click in a field and type Projects. Click OK and the Projects Worklet will appear on your home page.

How do I see the Opportunity Projects I have submitted?

There are a couple of ways to see this list.

  • From your projects page, see FAQ on Projects Worklet, you will see a W&L Projects Snapshot. Click the gear at the upper right corner of the Snapshot box. Here you can set the search for projects in your area.
  • In the search field, type Recent Opportunity Projects or Find Projects. Set the parameters for your department to get a list.

How do I see Opportunity Projects I have created and only saved for later?

These projects will remain in your Inbox to complete.

Can Hierarchy Managers and Approvers also create opportunity projects?

Yes. Please note that once submitted it will automatically be processed to the next level for approval.

How do I edit an Opportunity Project after I have submitted the request?

Search Recent Opportunity Projects, select your project hierarchy, select your project, edit the Additional Data tab first, then make edits on the Summary tab. Use the comments field at the bottom of the Summary page to list the edits made. Click Submit.

How do I Deny of Defer an Opportunity Project?

From your To Do in your Inbox, click Review Project, Click the Details tab, Click Summary, Click the Edit button, go to Status, select either Denied or Deferred. Click Submit. For additional information, refer to the How to Review and Submit an Opportunity Project in Workday training materials.

I can’t ‘Send Back’ a Proposed Project. How do I request more information from the requester?

If more information is needed, you can either Deny the project and contact the requester directly to resubmit the request with the information needed or you can gather the information and add it during your review.

How can I confirm what role I have been assigned for my Department?

There are three roles: Opportunity Project Data Entry Specialist, Project Hierarchy Manager and Project Hierarchy Approver. In the search field, type View Project Hierarchy. Click View Project Hierarchy. In the drop menu for Project Hierarchy, click Project Hierarchy, select your department. Click ok. The table under Assigned Roles will show your name and the title of the role you are assigned.

If there are two Hierarchy Managers, do both managers need to approve the projects before it will go to the Hierarchy Approver?

Yes. Both hierarchy mangers must submit the project before the hierarchy approver will receive the project for approval.

How can I download the list of projects for my department?

From you projects Snapshot, click View More at the bottom of the box. Set your search parameters, click OK. At the upper right corner of the report, click the option to download to Excel.

If I have a long list of projects to review and submit, what is the best approach to managing that long list of submissions?

  • Export the list of projects to Excel for review to confirm which projects may need edits to Status or project information and which projects will be submitted for funding.
  • From your projects Snapshot, see FAQ3, click View More at the bottom of the box. Set your search parameters, click OK. At the upper right corner of the report, click the option to download to Excel.
  • To edit project data, type in the search field Recent Opportunity Projects. Enter your Project Hierarchy. Select the project link. Edit data in the Additional Data first and edit the information in the Summary second. Click Submit. After making all of the edits from the project list, return to your Inbox and click Submit from the Review Project To Do.
  • Projects that do not needed editing, simply click Submit from the Review Project To Do in your inbox.