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Save for Later Feature - PNC Credit Card Transactions

PNC transactions can be applied to an Expense Report in Workday at any time to add coding and attach receipts. To avoid an unnecessary number of approval emails being generated, it's important that you choose the "Save for Later" option until all transactions are ready to be added for the monthly cycle.

To add additional transactions, access the saved Expense Report by searching for "My Expense Reports" in the search bar, navigating to the draft Expense Report and selecting Edit from the Related Actions. Once you've added all your PNC transactions for the cycle, you can click "Submit" for approval.

Workday screen shot

View Your W-2 Online

To view your W-2 online, login to Workday and click the "Pay" application, then W-2.

Workday screen shot

By clicking "W-2", you will be automatically logged into W&L's external ADP payroll site. To view your W-2, click the "Download Statement" link. 

ADP screen shot

You will be taken to a security checkpoint page. Click "Continue" to be redirected to your W-2.

ADP screen shot

Budget vs. Actuals by Cost Center

1. Navigate to the Applications section of your Workday home page.

2. Click on the W&L Budget vs. Actuals worklet icon (see below).

workday button

3. Select the report from the menu options (see screenshot below for the W&L Budget vs. Actuals by Cost Center report).

Workday screen shot

Budget vs. Actual Reporting

The following reports are available in Workday to view spending by account. To learn more about how to use these reports, please view the Budget vs. Actuals Reporting training video here.

Type the following into Workday search:

  • W&L Budget vs. Actuals by Cost Center
  • W&L Budget vs.W&L Budget vs. Actuals by Student Program Actuals by Project
  • W&L Budget vs. Actuals by Student Program