General FAQs

What are the benefits of Workday?

Workday will provide W&L with a SaaS based cloud delivery system that enables efficient inter-connectivity of critical operating knowledge (data), which is not currently possible using our current systems. Faculty, staff and students will have 24/7 self-service access over a secure network to their personal information from a computer and mobile device. Employees can make and request changes and/or updates to benefits, payment delivery, time on/off details and more. All of the helpful Workday features are launched from an easy-to-navigate personal Homepage.

Why did I get a security alert by email when I logged into Workday?

The first time you log into Workday, the system will often send you an email alert indicating that your "account was just signed into from a new device". If you don't recognize the device, location, and/or if you didn't sign in to Workday, DO NOT click any links and please forward the email to You can avoid getting this email alert repeatedly by checking "remember this device" when you sign in.

Is personal information, such as home address, degree information, and experience visible to other employees?

Personal and private information such as home address and degree information will not be visible to other employees.

Which browser(s) should I use to access Workday?

Based upon testing and support by Workday, you are encouraged to use Chrome, Safari and Firefox for desktop computers and Chrome or Safari for Android and iOS.

How Often is Workday Updated?

Workday introduces major upgrades to features and functionality in March and September of each year in a new version of the Workday Service, referred to as a Feature Release. In addition, Workday operates a weekly maintenance schedule for updates that can range from 4 to 12 hours starting Friday evening into Saturday morning. Accessing Workday during a planned weekly service update will result in W&L users being redirected to a maintenance page describing the type and duration of expected down time.

Will Workday eliminate the need to fill out paper forms for HR and the Business Office?

In many cases, the answer is yes. Filling out and signing paper forms will be a practice typically handled by applications within Workday. Some examples no longer requiring hard copy paper include tax forms (W-4 & VA-4), retirement contribution changes, direct deposit, changing beneficiaries for life insurance, time-sheets and on-boarding forms for new employees.

Does Workday support electronic signatures?

Yes. For example, if you choose to make changes to the beneficiary information on your Primary and Contingent beneficiaries, you will do this directly in Workday. Once complete, you will review your elections and select “I agree” under Electronic Signature. You then will click "Submit" to get approval from the benefits team in HR. There's no need to fill out a paper form with Workday.

When you close your browser, does that log you out of Workday?

No, you must choose to sign out of Workday in order to completely end your session. This is especially important in areas with public/shared devices.

How do I make ALL OF WORKDAY my default search method?

Click on your Profile > My Account > Change Preferences > Search Preferences (and select ALL OF WORKDAY)

How do I update or change the location of my Work Space (e.g., building, office number)?

Log into Workday and click on your profile picture, then click View Profile. Hover your mouse over Position title, then click the "twinkie" (three dots) on the right. Finally, click Position > Change My Work Space.

Workday screen shot

How can I update my photo in Workday?

Schedule a time with Kevin Remington, University Photographer, for a new photo.

How do I request access to elevated privileges for myself or for users I manage in Workday?

To request access to elevated privileges in Workday, you will need to submit a request through the Access Request system located here: