General FAQs

How does Instructor Consent work in Workday?

Instructor consent is now called Prerequisite/Eligibility Override. This process is driven by the student, who must initiate the request. Following the student's request, the instructor will then receive an Inbox item within Workday that will allow for approval or denial. Instructions will be provided at a later date.

What changes will be made to Registration?

"Pick 1, Pick 3" will be retired, as Workday only allows for one registration appointment per student. All seniors will register for all courses at the same time, then Juniors, and so forth. After all classes have registered, registration will reopen for all.

How does Waitlisting work?

Individual faculty will be able to adjust where students are on waitlists. Unfortunately, security within Workday does not allow for any proxy abilities for anyone, including the Registrar's Office. Only instructors will be able manage their waitlists.

Does functionality exist for departments to "toggle" course capacity?

Neither faculty nor administrative assistants will be "toggling" course caps in Workday. We are utilizing the native functionality of reserved capacities on course sections within Workday Student to manage what was previously done in WebAdvisor by Department Heads and faculty who had the ability to adjust active and final caps, and in a Colleague screen directly that allowed Administrative Assistants to manage cross-listed caps.

What are reserved capacities?

Reserve Capacity is a key enhancement delivered by Workday Student. On a predetermined basis, reserve capacity functionality "replaces" the current practice of on-the-fly cap manipulation to ensure that seats are allotted for select "cohorts" of students- such as students with particular class standings (i.e. seniors, juniors, etc.) or students who are declared in certain programs of study, such as chemistry majors or political science minors.

If you have a section cap at 20 and only 18 seats reserved, then only 18 people can register, right?

No. If the cap is at 20 and you have 18 seats reserved, the extra TWO seats are essentially open to anyone.

How long are seats reserved for if we use the reserve capacity feature?

Seats are only reserved during initial registration with the exception of reserved seats for incoming FY students, which are not released until drop/add week in fall.

Will department heads be able to proxy for advisors to approve registration windows?

There is no proxy access in Workday.