FAQs for Students

What is happening to "Pick 1, Pick 3" for undergraduates?

"Pick 1, Pick 3" has been retired, as Workday only allows for one registration appointment per student. All seniors will register for all courses at the same time, then juniors, and so forth. After all classes have registered, registration will reopen for all. We have sandwiched "Planning Days" between each registration day so that you may review and adjust your schedule as needed. The registration schedule can be found on the Workday Student help page.

How is Instructor Consent requested in Workday?

Instructor consent is now called "Course Section Prerequisite Override" and is located under the Academics tab in Workday. Unlike Self Service, requests for course section prerequisite overrides must be initiated by you, the student, as instructors do not have the ability to initiate these requests. Following your request, the instructor will receive an inbox item within Workday that will allow for approval or denial. While not required, we recommend that you discuss your request with the instructor prior to submission.

What are reserved capacities?

Reserve Capacity is a key enhancement delivered by Workday Student. On a predetermined basis, reserve capacity functionality allows seats to be allotted for select "cohorts" of students- such as students with particular class standings (i.e. seniors, juniors, etc.) or students who are declared in certain programs of study, such as chemistry majors or political science minors.

How does building a schedule differ between Workday and Self-Service?

Technically, both Self-Service and Workday allow you to "plan" for as many classes as you wish; however, in Workday, you should only schedule for up to 15 credits for Undergraduate or 17 credits for Law because that is the maximum number of credits allowed for registration. Using the register button on a schedule that exceeds 15 or 17 credits will cause an error and you will not be registered in anything, so please be sure to schedule wisely.

May I add classes after I use my schedule to register?

Yes, you will use your planned schedule to register during your initial registration appointment. After you register from your schedule, you may return to add classes one at a time, if desired.

Where can I find help?

We know this may seem like a lot, but help is available! Training resources, such as documentation, are available on the Workday Student help page and you will continue to receive more information over the next few weeks. For assistance, you are welcome to contact the HelpDesk at helpdesk@wlu.edu, and you will be connected with the person who can best assist.