Storage & Servers

What is it?

ITS offers secure, backed-up file storage for all members of the W&L community. Solutions include:

  • Private storage
  • Shared storage, suitable for departments, student teams and other kinds of collaborations involving W&L and non-W&L participants
  • Research storage for specialized, high-volume storage needs by faculty and students
  • Backup
  • Box: unlimited file storage and powerful collaboration features, is the main storage resource offered at W&L, but other resources are available for specialized needs.

Server hosting and administration is available in a wide variety of reliable and secure solutions. To meet your specific needs and requirements, ITS offers cloud-based, virtual, and data center solutions. Some services may be managed by technical staff in labs or departments while others are strictly managed by ITS. In any case, adhering to best practices offered by ITS Information Security is required. Options include:

  • Hosting for physical computing and storage systems in a secure, scalable, and environmentally controlled space in the Richard A. Peterson Center with redundant facilities and resilient technologies.
  • Virtual servers offer great flexibility and users may have administrator privileges to customize the server.

Who can use it?

Faculty, staff, and students.

How much does it cost?

Free, for most needs.

How do I get it?

Box accounts are automatically allocated to all faculty, staff, and students. For specialized needs that are not met by Box, contact us at or 540-458-4357 (HELP).

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