XSEDE (The eXtreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment) is an NSF-funded virtual system designed to share high performance computing resources and services with researchers. Their network provides access to supercomputers, collections of data and other tools. Most US-based researchers are eligible for allocations to these XSEDE resources at no cost! To learn more, visit XSEDE's website.

Getting started with XSEDE

Washington and Lee University participates in the XSEDE Campus Champion program. The current Campus Champion for our campus is Tom Marcais, tmarcais@wlu.edu. If you are interested in using any of the XSEDE resources for your research, we recommend that you start by discussing your research needs with Tom. He can help you get started with XSEDE by providing training resources, access to allocations for training and testing purposes, and assist you in creating your own startup-allocation requests.