ArcGIS Pro vs ArcGIS Online

Esri offers a wide variety of ArcGIS products. The most commonly used on campus are ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online.

ArcGIS Pro is a desktop GIS program. It is installed on a variety of computer labs across campus, and is also accessible through Our license includes a variety of extensions.

ArcGIS Online is an online (cloud-based) mapping and GIS platform. This gives users the ability to collaborate and share their maps.

Obtaining an account

To work with ArcGIS, you will need a WLU ArcGIS Online user account. Faculty members using ArcGIS products with their class should send a class roster with First Name, Last Name and Email Address to That information will be uploaded to Esri to generate their accounts. Students will receive an automated email from Esri with instructions on how to access their account and set their password. The links in that email expire after 2 weeks, so please encourage your students to login into their account before that time elapses. Should a student miss the window for accessing their accounts, they can contact and request a reset of their ArcGIS password.

Individual faculty and students that would like an account can contact:

Logging in to ArcGIS Online

To log in to ArcGIS Online go to:

Then, sign in using the ArcGIS credentials you were previously provided with.

(Alternatively, you can go to and click on the sign in link in the upper right. However, you'll need to choose the "Your ArcGIS organization's URL" login option and enter washlee in the field that appears.)

Your WLU ArcGIS Online user account will remain active as long as you have a current WLU username and password. This account provides:

  • An ArcGIS Pro license, including most of the ArcGIS extensions (for using Pro on or off campus)
  • Membership in WLU's ArcGIS Online Organization
  • Publishing rights (for publishing maps or data with ArcGIS Online)
  • Access to online tutorials through the ESRI Academy

Account Removal

When you graduate or leave WLU your WLU account will become inactive and you will no longer be able to log in to your WLU ArcGIS Online user account. This means you will:

  • No longer have an ArcGIS Pro license or be able to use ArcGIS Pro
  • No longer have edit access to any of your ArcGIS Online content (web maps, apps, data, etc.)
  • No longer have access to the ESRI Academy for online tutorials and training materials (other than their free materials)

Managing Content Prior to Leaving WLU

If you have ArcGIS Online Content, please either delete or transfer ownership of your Content prior to leaving WLU. Once your WLU account is no longer active you will not be able to modify, update, delete, or transfer ownership of your content. Content that is no longer needed should be deleted. Content that needs to remain public and maintained should be transferred to another account.

Unclaimed content that is not assigned to a current WLU account may be deleted. Transferring ownership ensures that your content will not be deleted and that it can be maintained or updated as needed.

Transferring Ownership of ArcGIS Online Content to a Different WLU User Account

One option for preserving online content is to transfer ownership of the content to another student, faculty or staff member at WLU. Once your content is transferred to someone else you will no longer have direct access to the content, but it can still be maintained by the new owner. This is a good option for ongoing projects or collaborations that will be continued by someone else.

Contact Tom Marcais at to request that content be transferred from one WLU user account to another.

Transferring Ownership of ArcGIS Online Content to a Non-WLU Account

Another option is to transfer your WLU ArcGIS Online content to a non-WLU ArcGIS Online account. First, you'll need one of the following:

  • A Free 'Public' ArcGIS Online account (free for Personal, noncommercial use).
  • An ArcGIS Online account associated with another organization (such as a different academic institution or employer)
  • A currently licensed ArcGIS Online account (that you purchase as an individual or a business)

Once you have a new account established, most content can be copied using the free ArcGIS Online Assistant:

From the ArcGIS Online Assistant webpage:

  • Login to your WLU ArcGIS Online account
  • You should be able to view all of your ArcGIS Online Content (maps, apps, data, etc.)
  • From the “I want to…” drop-down menu, choose Copy Content
  • In the Copy Content dialog box, select “Another Account”
  • Then select “ArcGIS Online” and click Log In.
  • Click “Sign in with another account”
  • Log in with your new ArcGIS login credentials
  • You should now see both your old ArcGIS Online Content and your new ArcGIS Online content
  • You can click-and-drag content that you want to copy from your old WLU account to your new account

We recommend that you verify all the content you moved was copied correctly by logging into your non-WLU account and reviewing the material. Once you have confirmed the content has moved to the other account, please make sure you delete the content from your WLU account.