What assistance does ITS provide?

ITS works with faculty, staff and students to identify and clarify needs for projects, and to help implement approved projects. The project management process is flexible, but includes:

How do I make a request?

Be prepared to answer these questions:

  • Description: What new or enhanced capabilities are you seeking? What benefit will these capabilities provide to your department and the University? You do not need to identify specific technologies or software at this stage.
  • Sponsor: Who is the sponsor for the project? Typically, this is a department head, Dean or senior-level administrator
  • Requested Completion Date: What is the preferred date for the project to be completed?
  • Related Projects: Are you aware of similar projects that are under way or desired by other departments? You might wish to review the list of current ITS projects (W&L log-in required).

Who can use it?

Faculty, staff, and students.

How much does it cost?


What projects are currently in progress or have been completed?