What is it?

ITS seeks to be a valued partner to faculty, students, and staff in designing and applying information technology to help you accomplish your work-related goals. To that end, we welcome conversations, using non-technical language, on matters both small and large, to consider your needs. These conversation may include:

  • Best practices on using W&L software to become more efficient.
  • Assessment of your goals and needs, and how information technology can help.
  • Assessment of your information security, and recommendations on how to protect your sensitive data.
  • Project planning, including possible preparation of a capital budget proposal and request for Information to identify suitable vendors.
  • Consultation with senior administrators on aligning technology tools and practices with strategic goals of the University.

Who can use it?

Faculty, staff, and students.

How much does it cost?


How do I get it?

Contact any ITS staff member, and we’ll direct you to the right resource OR contact the ITS Information Desk in Leyburn Library at (540) 458-4357 (HELP) or by sending an email to