iPads in the Classroom Program

What is it?

Academic Technologies manages a set of 60 iPads for classroom use. Devices can be reserved for specific dates or up to the duration of the entire term.

Who can use it?

Faculty and students.

How much does it cost?

Some iPad apps are provided at no cost. Licenses for other apps can be purchased by ITS through a volume license which may result in a discount. ITS may be able to help fund generic applications that would be useful across disciplines, but funding for discipline-specific apps will be the responsibility of the department. Once purchased, apps will be available for future terms/students.

Please note that all individuals, both faculty and students, are responsible for replacement of lost or damaged iPads and accessories.

How do I get it?

Faculty members should complete this request form for iPads describing their timetable and goals for using iPads in the classroom. Applications will be reviewed and accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.