Our Services

Academic Technologies

ITS provides a wide variety of tools and resources to support teaching and learning at W&L

Business and Administrative Systems

ITS supports and operates business and administrative systems at W&L; provides data integration services and other support for department-specific administrative software; and considers needs for new systems, evaluating them to ensure compatibility with the technical environment.

Computer and Device Support

ITS furnishes computers, printers and software for use by faculty, staff and students, and assists in configuring mobile devices for use with W&L email and other W&L tools.

Consulting, Projects, and Training

ITS provides training and support of IT-related projects, engages with clients to understand and support work-related needs, as well as maintains safeguards and leads education and other efforts to protect University data.

Email and Collaboration

ITS provides email tools for faculty, staff, and students; unlimited, secure, and sharable file storage through Box; and tools for conferencing.

Network and Wireless

The campus network provides access to a variety of computing and information services, internally and via the Internet. Additionally, ITS researches, documents and implements different secure connection strategies including, traditional Ethernet jacks, wireless connections, remote access and much more.

Research Computing

The ITS department of Washington and Lee University is pleased to be able to offer a wide range of research computing services to faculty and students for academic classes, research and grant-funded projects.

Virtual Services

ITS offers access to specialized software applications and off-campus access to campus resources through virtual infrastructure and/or VPN, as well as cloud-based storage and collaboration portals.