What software is available for administering surveys?

The official software solution, approved and licensed for university use is Qualtrics, a web-based platform that provides students, faculty and staff the tools needed to design and build surveys, evaluations and/or polls. In addition, Qualtrics can be used to distribute unique survey links, collect a variety of response sets and analyze resulting data.

How does one get access to Qualtrics?

1. W&L users can access Qualtrics by adding the app from the MyApps page. Click the "Add apps" link on the left, then click "Add" beside the Qualtrics tile. 

2. Click the Qualtrics tile in MyApps to launch the Qualtrics XM homepage.

screenshot of Okta with "add apps" link and "add" button beside Qualtrics tile

Are there training resources available to learn how to use Qualtrics?

Yes, W&L users have access to XM Basecamp which provides demos, courses and training of important features and concepts. For those new to Basecamp and Qualtrics, the Beginner Quick Start is recommended. You will need to log in to view Basecamp resources. Select "Register" or "Sign In" on the course page and follow the instructions below.

  1. Select Qualtrics Credentials from the pop up window.
  2. Select Sign in with SSO.
  3. Type wluniversity in the Organization ID field.

Screenshot of the three step process for logging into Basecamp with W&L credentials. 1. click the Qualtrics Credentials button, 2. click on the "sign in with SSO" link, 3. enter wluniversity in the Organization ID field.

Users can also request a brief overview of the tool from ITS staff by contacting the ITS Helpdesk at X4357 or