Introduction to 25Live Pro


What is 25Live Pro?

25Live Pro is a major upgrade to 25Live, the official tool used by W&L for room reservations and University events

When will it be available for W&L use?

Members of the W&L community are encouraged to use 25Live Pro now. The two versions of 25Live access the same database; any changes made to events in one version will be reflected in the other version. Around September 2019, 25Live Pro will become the official supported interface and access to the older version of 25Live will be discontinued.

What changes have been made in 25Live Pro?

Here are some highlights:

  • Log in time reduced and overall performance is faster
  • Unified master search
  • Drag and drop functionality added
  • On-the-fly occurrence cancellation, deletion and copy added in availability views (via right-click)
  • Navigation simplified and consolidated
    • Tabs have been eliminated from the home screen. Some of the functions formerly provided through tabs are now available in the "More" menu on the right side - see expanded menu, below:

Screen shot - More menu, 25Live Pro