Solstice FAQ


What is Solstice?

A Solstice pod by Mersive enables an unlimited number of students and faculty to simultaneously connect, share, and control content on a large display, like a television of projector, from laptops and mobile devices. With Solstice, anyone can walk into a classroom or meeting space and instantly create a collaboration session - no cables, adapters, or additional hardware required. 

Why use a Solstice pod?

Solstice provides multiple options for sharing classroom content. Faculty and students can share a laptop's entire desktop, or a tablet's single application window. It also enables the display of multiple windows or files from multiple devices side-by-side on a single screen. In addition, Solstice is device-agnostic, so it works with Windows, Apple and iOS, and Android mobile devices.

Where on campus can I use Solstice?

Spaces with a Solstice Pod include:

  • Davis Hall 206
  • Early-Fielding Memorial Building 109, 114, G06
  • Elrod Commons - Stackhouse Theater
  • Facilities 109, 136
  • Huntley Hall 220, 301, 323
  • Huntley Deans 201
  • Leyburn Library 201, Northen Auditorium
  • Parmly Hall 306
  • Reid Hall 111,  211
  • Tucker Hall 24, 114, 115, 215, 309
  • Science Addition G22
  • Stadium 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Sydney Lewis Hall Classroom A, B, E, G, Archive Room, Moot Court Room
  • Wilson Hall 2017, 2020, Wilson Concert Hall

[Updated September 2019]

Is there a Soltice User Guide?

Aye! See step-by-step instructions and screenshots of how to use the Solstice pod.

Help! The Solstice pod isn't working!

Remember, devices need to be connected to the "eduroam" wireless network in order to use the Solstice pod. 

For troubleshooting assistance, contact the ITS Information Desk at 540.458.4357 (HELP) or email