How to Use the Windows Snipping Tool


Ever wonder how to take a screenshot? The snipping tool is a powerful feature of most Windows computers and can be used to create images of the device's screen. 

Using the snipping tool is very straightforward. 

To access it, simply search "snipping tool" in the windows search bar.

Then, click on the scissors and paper icon which shows up in the results.

Basic Search/Open Snipping Tool Image

This tool has a very basic interface. A snip is an image of part of the screen.

Users have the option to take snips as well as to adjust basic settings.

Snipping tool base interface

To take a snip, press the button titled "New." Then, adjust the box to get the area that you would like to capture.

Basic Snip Example

By default, this box is in the shape of a rectangle. To change, click mode and select your preference.

Shows shape option for snips

When you are ready to take a screenshot, simply release your mouse or touchpad. A new interface will

appear with your image and a set of additional options. For instance, you may click the mail icon to email your

screenshot, or you can save your image:

Shows Options After Screenshot

To save, press file. Then, click Save As.

Save as option

You will be asked to choose the type of image you

would like as well as the location to save to.

Choose type of image

Still confused or looking for a more in-depth tour? Click here for a basic video tutorial.