Outlook Calendar - Schedule a Meeting


Outlook Calendar makes it easy to schedule your event or meeting, find a time that works for everyone, and provide the meeting details and location for your attendees.

1. Click on the Calendar icon in Outlook (bottom left) to open the calendar.

2) Click "New Event" to begin scheduling your meeting.

Outlook calendar

3) Add a Title to your meeting (e.g., Discuss syllabus with Advisor)

4) Select a date and time for your meeting.

5) Click "Invite attendees" and select the person or persons you want at the meeting.

Outlook calendar

6) Attendees who are available at that date/time will be marked in green. Those who are unavailable will be marked in red.

7) Finally, click "Send" to invite attendees and schedule your meeting.

Outlook calendar

8. You can also click on the "Scheduling Assistant" prior the selecting your meeting time to quickly view all attendee calendars. This will help you find the most convenient time for those you intend to invite, especially when you're planning a meeting with multiple people.

Outlook calendar

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