NameCoach - How to Record Your Name in Canvas


1. Go to and type in your W&L credentials.

2. Click on the Canvas tile.

3. Click on Account in the Global Navigation, then the "NameCoach Recorder" link in the submenu that appears:

Screenshot of Canvas with link to click for NameCoach Recorder

4. If you haven't yet recorded your name, you will see a "Record Name" button. Click on the "Record Name" button to record.

5. If you have already recorded your name, you will be able to listen to the existing recording. To re-record your name, click on the "Edit your info" button.

screenshot of Canvas screen with Record Name button

6. The easiest way to record though your browser is to use the Web Recorder. Click on the Web Recorder radio button.

7. Click the "Record" button and wait for the prompt before speaking. Stop the recording, then click the "Submit and Finish" button. After you submit, you can hear your recording and re-record if you'd like.

Screenshot of Canvas screen with Record button and Submit and Finish button.