Email - Forward as an Attachment


We need questionable email(s) sent as an attachment so that the original header is preserved; a straight "forward" does not include to original header. To forward an individual message in its full and original state in Outlook with its header and routing information, use the Outlook ribbon and buttons as follows:

To forward as an attachment,

1.     If you are in the Reading Pane, make sure HOME ribbon is selected open the message in it's own window.

2.     If the message is open in a separate window, make sure MESSAGE ribbon is selected.

  •   Click More in the "respond" section, and select Forward as Attachment

HOME ribbon

MESSAGE ribbon

Select Forward as Attachment from the menu that appears.

Address the message and explain to the recipient(s) why you are forwarding the original email.

Need additional help? Contact ITS at (540) 458-4357 (HELP) or be sending an email to