Box Drive - Installation Instructions


Box Drive offers an easy, familiar way to manage your Box files, using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.

How to Install Box Drive:

1. Navigate to the Box Drive downloads page. Select Windows or Mac.

2. The following instructions are for installing Box Drive for Mac:

Image of main Box-Drive Download Page

3. Find Box.pkg in downloads

4. Click Box.pkg.

Image of Box.pkg Download

5. You will be prompted with an "install box" dialog.  Click continue through the first three prompts. 

Picture of first stages of installation engine

6.Click install.

Picrure of install dialog for Box-Drive

7.Wait for the Software to download. This may take several minutes. 

8.You will be offered to take a tour of Box Drive to get familiar with the Software. 

Key Points:

  • If prompted to restart your computer during this process, click "No".
  • If you have Box Sync installed, you may need to remove it before downloading Drive. Follow the prompts during the installation process to remove Box Sync.
  • The first time you log into Box Drive, enter your full email address as you user name
  • Running into other issues?  See more detailed installation instructions or contact the Information Desk (540-458-4357 or