Box: Course-Related Sharing Use automatically created course groups to share files with your students


Faculty members can easily use Box to share files with students enrolled in their classes.

Use the following procedure:

  1. Log in at

  2. Create a folder. Give it a specific name, so students will understand its specific purpose and course affiliation. For instance:
    19-20 Winter Accounting 100-01 Handouts, OR
    19-20 Winter Accounting 100-01 Collaboration

  3. Under "Invite Additional People," type the name of the course, using this format:

  4. As you type the name under "Invite Additional People," course names will appear; continue typing until the desired course name appears, and select it; see illustration below
    screen shot - Box course groups

    The course names (groups) are available shortly after course registration, months before the start of the term. As students are added to or dropped from a course, the course group updates automatically.

  5. Under "Permission" chose the appropriate level of access. For instance, for handouts, you may want to choose "Viewer," so that students can't modify the files. "Editor" may be an appropriate access level for collaboration, allowing students to make changes to files.

  6. Click "Send Invites."  Your students will not receive any notification, but they will see the folder you shared when they access Box.

Please note that if you look at the group members, you may not see the names of all enrolled students. That's because students are not added to a group until they log into Box. Once they log in, they'll be added automatically.

About four weeks after the end of the term, students will automatically lose access to the folder shared with them using the course group.

If you need assistance with this process, or require a more complicated folder structure, please contact the Information Desk at or 540-458-4357. In some cases, ITS can help you automate the process.

Also see additional information on Box.