Apple Mobile Device Management

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution allows ITS to provide remote administative services to university-owned computers to help ensure they run securely and efficiently in our campus environment.


A MDM solution provides insight into critical vulnerabilities and provides mitigation options to help keep devices secure. Whether it be the operating system or other applications, keeping software patched and as up to date as possible are critical layers in ITS' overall security strategy.

A MDM solution can also ensure system settings that tie directly to security, such as firewall settings and disk encryption, are set properly.


Weak credentials increase the risk that devices may be compromised. Enforcing W&L network credentials on university-owned computers ensures that passwords meet key security thresholds.

Software Deployment and Network Resources

A MDM solution also provides self-service options, allowing computer users to easily install software and printers themselves.

Computer Support

Better knowledge of W&L's inventory by ITS means that many situations can be remediated before they become a concern to the user. Tools provided by an MDM can also allow ITS staff to help users more quickly when issues do arise.

What ITS will and will not do with the Jamf MDM:

ITS will...

  • Have more current information on the versions of software (operating system and applications) installed on university-owned computers to ensure all are adequately patched and updated.
  • Push critical software and updates.
  • Remotely lock or wipe computers that are reported lost or stolen.

ITS will not...

  • Monitor your usage of your computer.
  • Access or monitor your documents, email, network traffic, or personal information.
  • Remotely push software without notification.

ITS cannot view your screen or activity using the Jamf MDM tool.

W&L's MDM Solutions

In 2019 we began deploying Addigy as our Mac MDM. This product was cost effective for our goals and offered a manageable deployment path aligned well with our staffing. Addigy proved to be an invaluable tool in allowing us to support the transition to work at home brought about by Covid.

In 2022 W&L began transitioning to Jamf as our MDM for Mac computers, allowing us to leverage Jamf Connect as an alternative to binding computers to our Active Directory domain. This push was driven in part by security changes from Microsoft that will break logging into the device as they are currently configured.